Meet the Sunshine Dream Team ~ We Help People's Dreams Come True! 

Come meet Lydia Smith, John Shier, Allyson Hallahan, Samantha Sunshine and Brigitte Brown. Come fly and shine with us! All bodies welcome! 

That's right! We make dreams come true because that's our mission. We know about dreaming and hoping. We know about seeking a deeper sense of the word "healthy". Our dream is to be here, doing exactly what we are doing! We've been calling in a special sunny place to give life-changing massage, and we found the spot! We dreamed up the massage menu. We've spent quality time thinking about what we want in life, and we've found "our calling"; the Sunshine Massage Studio, in the heart of Lionshead ski village, is the place where we get to do what we love! How lucky are we?! 

Whether your dream is to feel more happiness, heal a chronic pain, feel re-inspired about life, walk and ski better, or simply feel better, we are here to fully support your transformation! We have many tools in our box, and our studio features a wellness store where we can teach and show you how to practically apply self-care, pain maintenance, or pain prevention at home or on the road!

We teach win-win massage solutions. We love innovating, customizing and continuing to expand upon the definition of "Vail massage". Our deep listening, intuitive, unscripted massage approach will have you saying, "Wow, I've never had a massage like that before!"

Welcome to the new paradigm of yoga and massage. We truly look forward to sharing this magic with you~ and giving you the best massage of your life!

Shine on!