Introducing the Rad Roller

Based out of Denver, this company has taken self massage to the next level! The design of these tools is superior to foam rollers, tennis balls, yoga tune up balls, and they have a tool to address every type of pain you're experiencing. 

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The most versatile suspension fitness trainer you'll ever own!

From the creators of the original YogaSwing, Omni-Gym™ brings you the best health and fitness suspension swing technology out there.

The Omni-Gym will take your fitness and flexibility routine to a whole new level: As you are suspended in space, your workouts are entirely body-weight oriented and therefore highly effective. You will find yourself stretching and strengthening muscles you didn't even know you had! Used by athletes, gymnasts, martial artists, dancers, yogis and fitness buffs worldwide, the Omni-Gym is truly one of those versatile workout tools that can be adapted to whatever kind of workout or stretching session your body (or profession) most requires.

Not only is the Omni-Gym an incredibly effective suspension fitness, martial arts and sports trainer, but just like its predecessors (aka our previous YogaSwing models) it is an amazing anti-gravity yoga/stretching and aerial dance tool. And don't forget it does wonders for back and neck care.

Oh, and did we mention that it is easily portable, quick set-up, multifunctional and FUN? what more could you ask more!

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Learn to bring relaxation to the life of another via a hands-on, feet-on experience that will leave you feeling empowered! Perfect gift for couples, massage therapist or any avid yoga practitioner wanting to expand their horizons!  

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-Padded ~ extremely comfortable

-Spring loaded

-Trapeze to hang from 

-Fabric opens to serve as a hammock

-Both fitness device as much as a relaxational tool


-Durable; built to last

-Stirrups for legs and extra hand holds

Massage is an effective pain-reliever that we crave, but, let's face it ~ we can't always get a massage whenever we need it. For those times, we need a solution that is affordable, effective and readily available.  

I have experimented and tested hundreds of self-massage tools over the last 10 years, and I've narrowed down the selection to only showcase the tools that I use personally and that actually, truly, really work! If you have any questions about self-massage, health-maintenance, or how to get the most out of these tools, I am more than happy to show you and teach you more about these powerful tools! 

Cheers to maintaining health ~ and creating a life-long habit of pain release instead of pain accumulation