Samantha Sunshine

There are many style of yoga and AcroYoga. This lesson features a restorative form of AcroYoga in where both partners are stretching and holding postures specifically designed for relaxation. You can arrive with little, some or no prior experience. The lesson is catered to address any occurring pain or chronic pain. You and your partner will be surprised what you're body can do, and Samantha guides the entire learning journey so you have a safe, fun and supportive learning environment from which to soar. 

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Restorative AcroYoga/AcroSage Private Instruction

The exceptional pressure in this session is specially designed for chronic pain, stress relief and longevity. This session redefines your prior massage experiences, as you receive up to four parts of your body deeply massaged at the same time in a spirited atmosphere of compassion, presence and patience. Using her feet and hands, you get your tension worked out under a wider scope of pressure.  The deep, slow pressure here allows your brainwaves to slow down and experience a profound sense of wholeness and well-being. 

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Inversion Therapy: AcroSage™, Yoga Swing ~ 30 mins

Beyond Deep Tissue

Couple's Massage Instruction

Shine On!

This is a fun, easy-to-remember and engaging partner massage with hands-on guidance and instruction from Samantha Sunshine. This lesson is jam-packed with only the best poses and sequences that exist in the realms of partner yoga, partner anti-gravity massage (AcroYoga/AcroSage), and deep tissue.  Create unforgettable moments, strengthen your connection, and feel inspired to nurture each other in new ways!  Perfect for couples (or very close friends).

Perfect for couples or friends!

Thai Massage with Hot Stones

Samantha Sunshine’s signature therapy offers both healing and relaxation techniques. Sunshine Therapy™ combines the healing energies of massage and the relaxation of full-body stretching through Thai, deep tissue and inversion therapies providing you with a deeply nurturing experience. By integrating these 3 major and very potent healing modalities (massage, yoga and meditation), you receive 3 times the benefit in one session!  This is like heaven!

Sunshine Therapy™ Signature Massage

For those that love the feeling of floating weightless in a surreal place that defies both gravity, space and time – this session is for you.  With the weight of gravity naturally lengthening your muscles and the entire spinal column, Sunshine’s nurturing inversion therapies offer instant relief, spontaneous laughter and evoke memories of being a kid on the playground. This flight is typically 15 minutes, with another 15 minutes of integration and grounding massage. Flight time and postures are customized to meet your body’s needs. For a quick high, feel mentally rejuvenated and spiritually radiant in just 30 minutes! (No flight suit required)

Whether you hit the slopes too hard, had a tough day at work or the gym, this session is great for specific sore, sensitive and over-worked muscles. This massage is designed to create ease back in the body, increase circulation, reduce recovery time, and invigorate/restore energy to those muscles and your body.  This session incorporates aromatherapy, gentle passive range-of-motion stretching and the radiating warmth of hot stones. Reduce muscle pain and joint soreness; increase flexibility, speed up recovery time, and get back to having “the experience of a lifetime”.