Sunshine Massage Studio is a destination massage experience.  For people new to massage, this will be unlike anything you've ever experienced. For massage-goers, well-seasoned massage therapists and conscious touch connoisseurs', this will open you to a whole new world of healing. This is a "must-try", unforgettable and life changing experience. People with a particular affinity for deep tissue, fall in love with "Beyond Deep Tissue". 

You're probably wondering by now how this place is able to achieve such new standards of "wonder" ~ going above and beyond people's previous impressions of therapeutic massage. The answer to this question is both simple and complex.

This simple answer: passion & purpose

Samantha brings absolute and deep presence into all her healing sessions. With one clear goal:  to deliver unconditional nurturing, compassion and generosity, her clients feel her sincere intention, and melt under her touch and guidance.  

The complex answer: Samantha Sunshine is a Massage Inventor

Every session is unique. Samantha consistently blends her most favorite, proven effective techniques, while constantly improvising new massage poses with every client. Using her entire being, soaking in the inspiration of the moment and feeling for what the client's body is craving, she dives into a creative process that reveals a diversity of pressures, textures, sensations, modalities, nuances, rhythms, musical sound waves, mental empowerment and total body liberation. From people receiving her touch, they can't fathom what is going on, so after realizing it's pointless "trying to figure it out" they turn off the curious, analytical mind, and find peace. 

Inspired by a Massage Inventor

Samantha Sunshine's first exposure to life-changing massage was meeting Benjamin Marantz, originator of the AcroSage™ technique while touring the Big Island on bicycle. After receiving her first AcroSage session, she knew she wanted to share the surreal experience with everyone she met. She quickly became Benjamin's most enthusiastic students, and co-produced and co-authored the updated instructional manual & dvd for the AcroSage technique.

Inspired by the freedom and creativity of Marantz, Sunshine branched off and started creating her own modalities. Since mastering the AcroSage™ technique, she has created Yogasage (the total fusion of a yoga vinyasa practice with a compassionate deep tissue practice), Aerial Yogasage /Aerial Silk Massage (the fusion of aerial yoga, and a deep tissue massage practice), Yoga Swing Massage (massaging a client while inverted in an omni-gym padded yoga swing), and inevitably Sunshine Therapy™- (the accumulation and total fusion of all her massage inventions). She also combines mind reprogramming, sound healing, breath-work in unique ways that just make sense. 

​Some people call her a "massage ninja", some people call her a gifted healer, but most people call her Sunshine. Samantha Gray grew up skiing in the mountains in Vail, Colorado, yet had no idea she would end up being the proud business owner one of the most unique massage studios in the world, in the very heart of the hustle and bustle of the most epic ski mountain in the world. 

Samantha Gray became Samantha Sunshine while on an epic bike tour, organic farm tour and sailing trip through the Hawaiian Islands. It was shortly after relocating to this tropical healing oasis, she discovered her intuitive massage abilities. 

To be continued; stay tuned! Please check back often as the story continues to unfold...

About Samantha Sunshine
Creator of Sunshine Therapy™
Visionary for Sunshine Massage Studio
Ski Instructor, Vail Native