Am I “Just a Client?”
No.  Everyone’s needs are different.  Everyone’s body and life experience’s are different. Sunshine will listen to you with compassion and treat you with love and respect. Come to the session with goals and Sunshine will help you! You always receive a customized session from a gifted therapist who emanates passion and enthusiasm for the art of Massage Therapy.  Every session is focused on you—with a central purpose.  You deserve the awe-inspiring power a proper massage has to provide and Sunshine wants you to leave feeling you have had a most beneficial experience. 

How long will I feel good?

Clients report they feel like they are "floating" for up to two weeks after the session! Clients also say Sunshine's massage stands out from previous massage experiences because they feel elated, relaxed, and optimistic about life for days after the session. Isn't it great to know you'll experience profound health benefits during and after the massage experience? This is how massage should be!

When should I come back?

To keep your immune system functioning optimally, for injury prevention, and for maintaining healthy muscles, it is recommended to receive 2 or 3 times a month. Of course if you increase the frequency of massage, you will only reap benefits. There are no negative side effects of massage. 

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What is a compression?
A compression is a force of pressure applied to a concentrated area.  It works to maximize a critical balance between focus, pressure and time applied.   Sunshine doesn’t work superficially and you’ll never sense her energy is “rushed”. She knows that, if you’re given the right amount of pressure and proper time to release and breathe, then you’ll get more relief out of the experience. In most cases, the longer the compression is held, and the more she can get you to push oxygen into the muscle, the greater the “release.”   Sunshine holds compressions for a longer amount of time than is used in traditional massage therapy.  She is able to do so because she uses the strength of her entire body in a way that works more effectively with gravity.

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Can I eat or drink before the massage?

It is best to eat after your massage and arrive to your massage session on a fairly empty stomach. Staying hydrated with water before and after the session is important to aiding the body's ability to eliminate metabolic wastes that are released during massage. It is not recommended to drink alcohol before your massage. You'll feel so intoxicated with joy during this massage, that alcohol is literally obselete. 

What is inversion therapy?

It is a specialty therapy that is used to decompress your spine- literally adding length to your body.  It is Sunshine’s #1 prevention tool for back surgery and was her personal inspiration for becoming a massage therapist.  She was fortunate to study the art of inversion therapy under Benjamin Marantz, the originator of AcroSage™ techniques. After intense training in AcroSage and many years of use, she has witnessed client’s near-instant pain relief from her spinal decompression work. A New Castle University study found that 77 % of patients using this protocol were able to cancel their scheduled back surgeries thanks to inversion therapy. Sunshine also practices what she preaches. She regularly inverts her own body throughout the day and swears by this therapy’s ability to calm the nervous system, and relieve back and neck pain.  ​​

Do you have any questions? 

Sunshine would love to hear from you!

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What do I need to know before going into a massage experience?

Drink water before your massage, and come wearing long comfortable pants and a comfortable T shirt. Arrive with an open mind, so you get the full experience you are desiring. Expect the stretching and massage to be gentle and comforting, yet effective and stress-relieving. Expect your body to be rejuvenated and recharged, while leaving you clear minded. Prepare to be blown away! This massage will be unlike anything you've ever experienced, in the best ways possible! (See testimonials for detailed proof).  

How does Sunshine's massage work?
Sunshine’s specialty therapies acknowledge your body’s true range of motion.  You see, your body can twist, flex, and expand. The hips and shoulders, in particular, have vast range of motion.  Every massage session with Sunshine takes into account your current state of flexibility.  Her astonishing intuition takes into account the wholeness, the oneness that is you.  On many occasions, you will find yourself thinking, “Whoa, I didn’t think my body could even do that…”

So, there's no massage table?
Another difference is that Sunshine uses a king-size heated memory foam mat at her studio floor rather than a traditional massage table. Deeper pressure can be delivered using a floor mat instead of a massage table, and there’s twice as much space for your body to stretch and relax.  With Sunshine’s stretching strategy coupled with deep compressions, you’ll soon be waking up to a new body that you didn’t know existed.  You’ll feel better than you have in a long time.

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Do I have Input in my session?
Absolutely!  Every session is specifically customized for You. Open communication is the foundation of Sunshine’s work.  You decide where you need massage.  You communicate any areas of sensitivity or injuries, and Sunshine will guide you through the best breathing techniques to release pain.  If you remember there are other areas needing work during a session – speak up! Pressure is always be regulated by Sunshine readjusting her feet or hands, altering pressure or location based on your input.  It’s all accomplished by your requests. Your satisfaction is Sunshine's #1 goal!

What if I don’t know which “type” of massage to order?

There is absolutely no need to know what type of massage you need prior to the session. Prior to beginning the massage, there is a thorough intake process where you have you have the time to express your current needs and talk about chronic pains. The session is highly customized. Most people who are seeing Sunshine for the first time opt for the  “Signature massage” session--- which is a fusion of all her tools.

Why is a 90 minute (or longer) session so highly recommended?
First off, most first-time clients that order the 60 min experience share that they wish they had booked a longer session. Additionally, if you are craving a full body massage and desiring to have more than 3 focus areas addressed, then set yourself up for success and order a longer session. And, remember, Sunshine doesn’t specialize in superficial experiences; she in an expert at going deep and offering an engaging, impactful and multi-faceted experience. The basic rule of thumb is the longer you stay at the Sunshine Massage Studio, the better you will feel.   

Can Sunshine fly everyone?

Sunshine can base clients up to 180 lbs and give therapeutic flying sessions ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. For clients over that weight that desire to experience inversion therapy, Sunshine recommends inverted massage in the “omni-gym” - a padded, spring-loaded yoga swing. Contra-indications include: high/low blood pressure, recent surgery, eye problems, pregnancy and obesity.