It's Your Time to Shine Retreat

​Vail, CO June 20-23

Are you ready to deeply align with women who are walking the same journey as you and create deep, lasting, healthy relationships with powerful women? The fact is there are plenty of retreats you can choose from, but if you are wanting to finally LIVE a LIFE you LOVE and create deep and lasting friendships, then this is YOUR time and YOUR retreat! Welcome to “It’s Your Time To Shine: Women’s Retreat” by Danette May! Experience life-changing shamanic massage journeys by Samantha Sunshine at the Sunshine Massage Studio.  On Friday, we will dive deep into trust and Sunshine will lead an AcroYoga workshop where we will focus on using flying as a metaphor for life and confront fears around not getting enough support. 

Samantha Sunshine

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Arise Music and Yoga Festival

Loveland, CO Aug 4-6th 2017

There is a wonderfully packed schedule of yoga classes at Arise festival, and this year Sunshine will be teaching an Introduction to AcroSage, with the creator of the technique, Benjamin Marantz, featuring beats by Moon Frog.  

AcroSage is an acrobatic massage sequence that simulates soul rebirth. Elements in this massage work include reflexology, sound healing and traction alignment. It is similar to an interactive and dynamic partnered AcroYoga and unique in that one person plays an active and supportive role while the other surrenders and receives. In this class, we will be exploring 5 simple, yet profoundly therapeutic holding positions to guide “the flyer” and “the base” through a safe and empowering experience. This restorative “AcroYoga-like” class is designed to slow down the mind, release blocks and nurture the soul. Other side effects include spontaneous laughter, a feeling of lightness and emotional liberation.

Samantha Sunshine

AcroYoga Workshop Schedule TBA

International AcroYoga Festival

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

April 16-April 24

Join us for a week in paradise engaged in AcroYoga, connection, commUNITY, yoga, meditation, massage, non-stop reggae, coconuts, and FULL immersion into the earth elements. Click here to see a video of that last festival. This photo and video was taken by the talented AcroYogi Justin Bench.  Next year's festival will be April 10-15, buy tickets now!

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Archived Events:

Eagle Yoga Festival

September 29-Oct 1

Restorative AcroYoga 

Welcome to Flying Therapeutics: 

In yoga, the headstand is considered to be "king of all the asanas" for the vast health benefits of inversion therapy. In this class, we learn how to decompress (de-stress) each other by learning simple inverted partner yoga postures. Experience gentle back bends, forward folds and twists in a 3 dimensional context. One person focuses on surrendering (flyer), while the other practices building strength and alignment (base). Even though one person is essential playing an active role and the other passive, this practice overall is mutually beneficial for both yogis  We will practice both roles and feel and discover the numerous benefits of partner yoga combined with massage and inversion therapy. There will be a surprise impromptu Thai massage lesson at the end of all the flying bliss. It's your time to shine!  

Baja Radiance Retreat

May 13-20th 

Join Chelsea Winters and Samantha Sunshine for an intimate wellness retreat like no other. Take the chance to discover and develop your yoga practice, receive the BEST EVER massage at one of the finest locations in the Mexican Baja, Prana Del Mar. Prana del Mar is located at the beach on five beautiful acres near the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. With the mountains to the east, the Pacific to the west, and the desert all around, we are comfortably nestled in a tranquil valley that provides an ideal setting for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and exploration.

With a focus on the elements: earth, water, fire, air and space, join us for seven nights in paradise to chant kirtan, practice AcroYoga, receive massage, and deepen your yoga practice.  Explore and cultivate your relationship with the earth's natural elements. #bajaradiance2017