Samantha Sunshine

Samantha is a ray of sunshine; she is nurturing, passionate and wildly optimistic 

A licensed massage therapist, certified Hatha yoga instructor, certified AcroSage instructor, certified Thai massage therapist, she is the visionary behind the innovative massage work at the Sunshine Massage Studio.

Samantha grew up skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking in Vail. In 2014, she moved from the Big Island of Hawaii and resettled in Vail and founded the Sunshine Massage Studio only a year after relocating in the mountains. 

An environmental studies and international business graduate from the University of Puget Sound, Samantha decided to make a career shift and apprentice Marantz and learn first-hand how to change people's lives and get maximum results. Samantha Sunshine first became interested in massage after watching her first massage teacher, Benjamin Marantz, give an AcroSage treatment in 2009. Hear her tell her story in her own words...

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Meet Samantha Sunshine

Sunshine Massage Studio is "One-of-a-kind"

approaching massage from a innovative, therapeutic and artist perspective

The many missions of the Sunshine Massage Studio

Owner of the Sunshine Massage Studio

The Quick History of the

          Sunshine Massage Studio:

~ 2009  Samantha Sunshine's starts her mission to spread massage  

~ 2010 Sunshine starts inventing massage while living and training on the Big Island, Hawaii 

~ 2013 The Sunshine Hub, Sunshine's first massage sanctuary is founded in Kalapana, Hawaii 

~ 2014 Sunshine co-writes & publishes her first book: AcroSage Manual

~ November, 2015 Grand Opening of the Sunshine Massage Studio, Lionshead. Vail, CO  

~ July, 2016 Sunshine Massage Studio Wins "Best Massage in Vail" 

~ October, 2016 Sunshine Massage Studio  expansion complete 

"It was as if someone turned on the healing-flow switch in my body and I had an over-flowing amount of creativity, nurturing energy and desire to give back" 

Open: Every day, 9am-6pm by appointment only

90 minutes is highly recommended 

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​Too much of the time the focus is on "what is wrong" in the body. The Sunshine Massage Studio crafts a positive experience from which you feel empowered to call in what you really want in your life. Sometimes envisioning what we truly want can seem distant and hopeless, but when the benefits massage are added in the equation, there's less of a gap between thinking and believing.

The power of positivity goes a long way here because during massage, large amounts of endorphins are released in the bloodstream. Besides behaving as a pain regulator, endorphins are also thought to be connected to physiological processes, including euphoric feelings. Thus, massage creates a perfect environment for releasing the "critical mind" and embracing the "solution oriented mind". 

The mission of the Sunshine Massage Studio is diverse, far-reaching and cannot be summed up in one cheesy sentence. Firstly, the mission is to provide 100% satisfaction to you, the client, by listening to your needs and providing a customized, memorable, and unique experience. This means you can get focused work and you can get EXACTLY the pressure you're craving, no matter how deep. At the beginning of the massage, the major goal is to make you taller! Focus is placed on decompressing your entire body, (creating length in the spinal column and space in the joints) by using gentle inversion therapies (which boosts an impressive list of benefits). By the end of the session, the goal is to leave you feeling significantly different than when you first arrived. Stretching guidance and at-home massage tips and tools are offered to inspire and empower YOU as the ultimate healer. 

"I have found massage and yoga to be the most potent forms that consistently deliver positivity, both in the body and in the world" 

I am here to inspire and activate positive energy and solutions. There are so many ways to project positive energy into the world; it is in the quality of the thoughts, the tone of the voice, the acts of generosity, and the nonjudgemental movement of the body. I have found massage and yoga to be the most potent forms that consistently deliver positivity, both in the body and in the world. I believe that if we first take care of our own health, there's enough over-flow of energy to be a positive contributor of balance, optimism, and innovative ideas that this planet and its people need and deserve. 

I was not impressed with massage until I had a life-changing experience. I understand when people say "fluff and buff" massage because that was my first experience. After college, my focus was very much placed on sustainability, ie.  local food growing, alternative energy, and teaching nutrition. It wasn't until I moved to the Big Island that I became interested in massage. My curiosity shifted from planetary sustainability to personal sustainability.

I became interested in other healing therapies beyond the typical Swedish table massage, such as watsu, sound healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, healing dance, Ashiatsu, Thai massage, yoga therapy, and it was finally learning AcroSage that took me over the edge. I was officially addicted to AcroSage, after achieving an unprecedented peak in my mental, emotional and physical well-being. It was as if someone turned on the healing-flow switch in my body and I had an over-flowing amount of creativity, nurturing energy and desire to give back. Other alternative therapies that re-awakened a new sense of purpose, optimism and contentment I tried were: vegan raw food nutrition for detox, hydro colon-therapy, ecstatic dance, yoga dance, and coconut water fasting.